ProactivePack – The best BMC TrueSight companion product


Unleash the power of BMC Helix Operations Management
Deliver monitoring configuration and reporting as a service.
Give customers or managers easy access to information.
Report better. improve control. delegate more.

ProactivePack For Helix Events

ProactivePack for Helix Events : logo bmc helix

Blackout for Helix Events

  • Self-Service platform for event blackout.
  • View and manage Helix Blackouts
  • Use and re-use calendars
  • Use out-of-box blackout templates or create your own
  • Secure blackouts with granular RBAC

Dynamic Enrichment for Helix Events

  • View and manage dynamic enrichment data in BHOM
  • Excel Import / Export
  • Grant permissions at table/operation level
  • Control and validate user input
  • Send test events to validate enrichment
  • Break the 1000 lines limit.

ProactivePack For Monitoring

Monitoring Configuration Reports

  • Create Monitoring Configuration Reports in seconds
  • Report on devices, monitored objects, applied thresholds, deployed KM,…
  • Generate reports online, as PDF/XLS, as email or using REST API
  • Integrate external data, e.g. using CMDB attributes

Monitoring Self-Service

  • Delegate management of monitoring configuration to non-experts
  • Delegate management of thresholds
  • Delegate subscription to monitoring policies
  • Hides away the complexity of CMA
  • Create monitors for common scenarios (log, process monitoring…)

ProactivePack For Events

Quick Queries

  • Build your own event reports/dashboards in seconds
  • Combine realtime & historical perspective
  • Generate reports online, as PDF/XLS, as Truesight dashboard, or using our REST API
  • Show real-time views on the service model

Data replicator

  • Consistently replicate DDA from one source to one or more destination cells
  • Choose a replication mode : merge, replace, smart replace
  • Call the replication from the ProactivePack console or from the command line

Data editor

  • Delegate the manamgent of any  TrueSight DDA/DDEN table
  • Excel import/export
  • Input assistance, validation & integrity checks
  • Granular permission model

Blackout management

  • Delegate the management of blackouts on any event or configuration item
  • Calendar view of running/past/future blackouts
  • Use out-of-box templates or create your own
  • Manage blackouts using an extended event API