ProactivePack – The best BMC HELIX Operations & TrueSight companion product

ProactivePack as an appliance

Proactive is now available as an appliance.

A full appliance for VMWare can be download and include all ProactivePack solutions. This appliance host 3 environements ( Demo, Quality, Production )

Documentation available on

Version 3.5 is available !

Proud to announce ProactivePack version 3.5 !

We are pleased to announce version 3.5 of ProactivePack. This version includes among other additional features :

  • TrueSight authentication – leverage TrueSight Presentation Server to authenticate in ProactivePack
  • Linked menus in Blackout and DDA Editor – Make choices for slot Y dependent on the choices of slot X
  • Additonal report templates
  • Extensions to the Blackout event API
  • And a lot more ! Check the forum page for details.


ProactivePack on Marketzone and version 3.4.2 released !

ProactivePack is now available globally as a BMC MarketZone product. This means you can buy it through BMC (less paper !), and also provides another proof of the value we deliver in TrueSight environments !

We have also released version 3.4.2 of ProactivePack – check out the new features on our forum  !



October 2017 – ProactivePack 3.3

We are happy to use our brand new website to announce ProactivePack 3.3 ! This release has been packed with new features, either roadmapped from our end or requested on the forum by our growing customer base !

New features include :

  • Global
    • Support for PHP7 and PHP7.1
    • German and Spanish localization, internation date/time formats.
    • Improved security
      • Encryption for all application passwords
      • Improved audit
    • Improved navigation


  • Calendar
    • Visualize which data consume which calendar !


  • Blackout Management
    • Enable/Disable blackouts in one click
    • Tooltips can be added in the blackout form


  • DDA Replication
    • Option to consider only a subset of DDA entries during replication.


  • DDA Modifier
    • Enable/disable an entry in one click
    • Storage of last modifier information
    • Date modification now showing by default in the table view.


  • Quick Queries
    • Context menu available in event reports to create new data directly from events
    • Ability to add background images and objects in a weather map (images, text, urls)
    • Ability to report on class-specific custom slots.
    • Ability to build advanced conditions based on regular expressions

February 2017 – ProactivePack V3.2 is available !

New features include among others :

DDA Replication (new module !)

  • Replicate any DDA from one to many cells
  • Consistency (DDA definition validation)
  • Multiple update mechanisms (overwrite, merge, etc)
  • Comprehensive logging
  • Backup of DDA before applying
  • Integrated in DDA Modifier


  • Help menu in top banner
  • AllowConfigTextEditor permission for direct edition of configuration files.
  • Persistence of table filters & pagination settings.

Blackout Management

  • Add privilege to allow or not ‘apply on existing event’ feature
  • Actions are now in a context menu
  • Impact Management Blackout improved
  • Blackout profile details now available on blackout tabular vie

 DDA Modifier

  • Actions (copy/modify/delete) are now in a context menu
  • New action “view details” for a quick overview of the DDA record
  • “text:” external source to provide simple values to the creation dialog.
  • New configuration parameter SortDirective for a default sort of the table view
  • Integration with DDA Replication module with a new configuration parameter ReplicationTasks
  • Custom extensions can be added to the context menu.

 Quick Queries

  • Event table queries can be defined to use a specific colon set.
  • New drill-down logic from one query to the other (or another dashboard)
  • Event tables queries can be included in dashboards
  • Resizable & repositionable queries in dashboards
  • All emails are sent by the ProactivePack server.
  • Has_substring operator can be used in QuickQueries advanced conditions
  • mc_notes & mc_operations can be stored (as a string) in the main event table and queried upon.
  • “Save as” button to clone existing queries

September 2016 – ProactivePack V3.1 is out !

New features include among others :

Blackout Management

o   New link from Blackout Profiles to set a Blackout on a Profile

o   Linked menus for easier Object-based blackout

DDA Modifier

o   DDA deletion confirmation window

o   Performance optimizations

Quick Queries

o   Weather charts are now available in all report types

o   Reports can be generated in PDF, HTML or XLS format and sent over email

January 2016 – Announcing ProactivePack V3 !

ProactivePack V3 will release in February. It includes a complete rework of the GUI, now based on a fully responsive framework.

Other cool new features include :

– PDF report generation for Quick Queries – send PDF event reports over email

– LDAP/AD integration for authentication

March 2016 – ProactivePack V3 available !

Full responsive UI and important new features such as PDF report generation, AD integration, and more !!