ProactivePack for Monitoring

  • Monitoring Configuration Reports

    • Create Monitoring Configuration Reports in seconds
    • Read from CMA and optionally from PATROL .cfg files
    • Report on devices, thresholds, deployed KM,…
    • Generate report online, as PDF/XLS, as email
    • Add custom dimensions
    • Segregate data easily
    • Large set of templates available

  • Monitoring Configuration Self-Service

    • Allows secure delegation of monitoring configuration
    • Delegate management of thresholds
    • Delegate management of monitor creation
    • Hides away the complexity of CMA
    • Based on a customizable monitoring catalog
    • Granular permission model

ProactivePack for Events

  • Quick Queries – On demand, interactive event reporting

    • Let you measure your operational efficiency
    • Reports transparently on events from BMC TrueSight cells or a database (ORACLE, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL)
    • Includes bar, pie, line charts, table views, ratio charts, gauges, etc.
    • Graphs are interactive – click anywhere to drill-down on the event details, or choose the query to open on a drilldown.
    • Includes dashboards – combining multiple reports within a single page
    • Allows real-time views on the service model
    • Provides excel export, pdf reporting, mail generation and more.

  • DDA Replicator – Synchronize DDA content from one to multiple cells

    • Create replication tasks to replicate one or more DDA to one or more target cells
    • Choose a replication mode : merge, replace, smart replace
    • Backup DDA before replication
    • Call the replication from the ProactivePack console or from the command line
    • Integrates with the DDA editor module

  • Data Editor – Web-based DDA Editor

    • Web front-end to manage the content of DDA tables and DDEN match tables
    • Excel import/export
    • Content validation & integrity checks
    • Allowed values based on your own data sources
    • Applies to all DDA types (including custom match tables)
    • Granular permission model

  • Blackout Management

    • Web front-end to administer event blackouts
    • Applies to all kinds of event sources
    • Apply blackouts to authorized TrueSight devices
    • Tabular view of running/past/future blackouts
    • Calendar view of running/past/future blackouts
    • Group resources together in profiles for complex blackouts
    • Granular access control & audit

ProactivePack ROI

Our customers testify on the following:

We have been able to get rid of a lot of older, in house developments.

We could better control our last migration.

The cost of event reporting have drastically gone down

It can seriously help us raise productivity in our daily operational tasks

You have built the product we have dreamed about for the last 20 years!

We can now delegate a lot of things to users.

ProactivePack has become our answer to many questions now !

ProactivePack – Added Value.

Report instantly and accurately on the configuration of the monitoring
Stay in control & delegate the management of your cell data
Implement self-service for your IT Ops and customers
Stay in control & delegate the management of blackouts

Enterprise Ready

  • TrueSight,  Helix, AD or local authentication
  • Granular security model
  • Data segregation
  • Comprehensive audit
  • Internationalized and localized EN/FR/ES/DE
  • Support for ORACLE, MSSQL and MySQL
  • Multi-timezone support
  • Responsive UI design

Technical prerequisites

  • Appliance or product
  • Supported platforms : Windows , Linux
  • BMC TrueSight 10/11, BPPM 9.x or BEM 7.4
  • Web server (apache, IIS) with PHP 5.4+ and 7+
  • Supported databases:
    Oracle 11G and above • Microsoft SQL server 2008 and above • MySQL server 5.6 and above • PostgreSQL 9.4 and above

Demo Access

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