ProactivePack – The best BMC TrueSight companion product


Deliver monitoring configuration and reporting as a service.
Give customers or managers easy access to information.
Report better. improve control. delegate more.

ProactivePack For monitoring

Monitoring Configuration Reports

  • Create Monitoring Configuration Reports in seconds
  • Read from CMA and optionally from PATROL .cfg files
  • Report on devices, thresholds, deployed KM,…
  • Generate report online, as PDF/XLS, as email
  • Add custom dimensions
  • Segregate data easily
  • Large set of templates available

Monitoring Self-Service

  • Allows secure delegation of monitoring configuration
  • Delegate management of thresholds
  • Delegate management of monitor creation
  • Hides away the complexity of CMA
  • Based on a customizable monitoring catalog
  • Granular permission model

ProactivePack For events

Quick Queries

  • Let you measure your operational efficiency
  • Reports transparently on events from BMC TrueSight cells or a database (ORACLE, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL).
  • Includes bar, pie, line charts, table views, ratio charts, gauges, etc.
  • Graphs are interactive – click anywhere to drill-down on the event details, or choose the query to open on a drilldown.
  • Includes dashboards – combining multiple reports within a single page.
  • Allows real-time views on the service model.
  • Provides excel export, pdf reporting, mail generation and more.

Data replicator

  • Create replication tasks to replicate one or more DDA to one or more target cells.
  • Choose a replication mode : merge, replace, smart replace.
  • Backup DDA before replication.
  • Call the replication from the ProactivePack console or from the command line.
  • Integrates with the DDA editor module.

Data editor

  • Web front-end to manage the content of DDA tables and DDEN match tables.
  • Excel import/export.
  • Content validation & integrity checks.
  • Allowed values based on your own data sources.
  • Applies to all DDA types (including custom match tables).
  • Granular permission model.

Blackout management

  • Web front-end to administer event blackouts
  • Applies to all kinds of event sources
  • Apply blackouts to authorized TrueSight devices
  • Tabular view of running/past/future blackouts
  • Calendar view of running/past/future blackouts
  • Group resources together in profiles for complex blackouts
  • Granular access control & audit