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ProactivePack for Monitoring V2.0

ProactivePack for Monitoring version 2.0 is available. Now includes wizards for threshold and monitoring configuration, as well as a new configuration reporting UI. Check the presentation or contact us !

ProactivePack for monitoring 1.2 !

The road has been long – but we are proud to release ProactivePack for monitoring 1.2 – true self-service for monitoring configuration & reporting !

ProactivePack in the US

We have signed, through the BMC MarketZone partnership, a first deal in the US with an important financial services company in New-York City. The first of  a long series !

Version 3.5 is available !

Proud to announce ProactivePack version 3.5 !

We are pleased to announce version 3.5 of ProactivePack. This version includes among other additional features :

TrueSight authentication – leverage TrueSight Presentation Server to authenticate in ProactivePack
Linked menus in Blackout and DDA Editor – Make choices for slot Y dependent on the choices of slot X

ProactivePack on Marketzone and version 3.4.2 released !

ProactivePack is now available globally as a BMC MarketZone product. This means you can buy it through BMC (less paper !), and also provides another proof of the value we deliver in TrueSight environments !

We have also released version 3.4.2 of ProactivePack – check out the new features on our forum  !



October 2017 – ProactivePack 3.3

We are happy to use our brand new website to announce ProactivePack 3.3 ! This release has been packed with new features, either roadmapped from our end or requested on the forum by our growing customer base !

New features include :


Support for PHP7 and PHP7.1
German and Spanish localization, internation date/time formats.

February 2017 – ProactivePack V3.2 is available !

New features include among others :

DDA Replication (new module !)

Replicate any DDA from one to many cells
Consistency (DDA definition validation)
Multiple update mechanisms (overwrite, merge, etc)
Comprehensive logging
Backup of DDA before applying
Integrated in DDA Modifier


Help menu in top banner
AllowConfigTextEditor permission for direct edition of configuration files.
Persistence of …