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ProactivePack 22.05 now available


What is new in this version

Helix Blackout Management

  • New Module
    • Manage BHOM event blackout policies securely
    • Use calendars created using the Helix Calendar module

Helix Calendar

  • New module

Helix Data Editor

  • New module
    • Manage dynamic enrichment data used in BHOM advanced enrichment event policies
    • Send test events to validate enrichment

Helix SelfService Monitoring Portal

  • Reporting on BHOM Thresholds available

SelfService Monitoring Portal

  • PDF Generation performance improved

Blackout Management

  • The module can be virtualized (i.e. several Blackout modules can be created for e.g. different cells)
  • New parameters:
    • CustomBOFileName to identify the file containing custom blackout definitions
    • BlackoutProfilsModuleName to identify the module containing the blackout profiles
    • BlackoutMgtModuleName to identify the Blackout module used by the Blackout profiles module

Quick Queries

  • In table views, columns resizing now available