ProactivePack for Events

  • Quick Queries – On demand, interactive event reporting

    • Let you measure your operational efficiency
    • Reports transparently on events from BMC TrueSight cells or a database (ORACLE, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL)
    • Includes bar, pie, line charts, table views, ratio charts, gauges, etc.
    • Graphs are interactive – click anywhere to drill-down on the event details, or choose the query to open on a drilldown.
    • Includes dashboards – combining multiple reports within a single page
    • Uses a straightforward, web-based interface for the definition of queries
    • Provides excel export, pdf reporting, mail generation and more.

  • DDA Replicator – Synchronize DDA content from one to multiple cells

    • Create replication tasks to replicate one or more DDA to one or more target cells
    • Choose a replication mode : merge, replace, smart replace
    • Backup DDA before replication
    • Call the replication from the ProactivePack console or from the command line
    • Integrates with the DDA editor module

  • Data Editor – Web-based DDA Editor

    • Web front-end to manage the content of DDA tables and DDEN match tables
    • Excel import/export
    • Content validation & integrity checks
    • Allowed values based on your own data sources
    • Applies to all DDA types (including custom match tables)
    • Granular permission model

  • Blackout Management

    • Web front-end to administer event blackouts
    • Applies to all kinds of event sources
    • Tabular view of running/past/future blackouts
    • Calendar view of running/past/future blackouts
    • Group resources together in profiles for complex blackouts
    • Granular access control & audit

ProactivePack for Monitoring

  • Monitoring Configuration Reports

    • Create Monitoring Configuration Reports in seconds
    • Read from CMA and optionally from PATROL .cfg files
    • Report on devices, thresholds, deployed KM,…
    • Generate report online, as PDF/XLS, as email
    • Add custom dimensions
    • Segregate data easily
    • Large set of templates available

  • Monitoring Configuration Self-Service

    • Allows secure delegation of monitoring configuration
    • Hides away the complexity of CMA
    • Based on a customizable monitoring catalog
    • Minimizes & controls user input
    • Granular permission model

ProactivePack ROI

Our customers testify on the following:

We have been able to get rid of a lot of older, in house developments.

We could better control our last migration.

The cost of event reporting have drastically gone down

We can now delegate a lot of things to users.

ProactivePack has become our answer to many questions now !

ProactivePack – Added Value.

Measure your operational efficiency using easy-to-build event reports
Stay in control & delegate the management of your cell data
Easily delegate routine tasks in TrueSight
Stay in control & delegate the management of blackouts

Enterprise Ready

  • TrueSight,  AD or local authentication
  • Granular security model
  • Data segregation
  • Comprehensive audit
  • Internationalized and localized EN/FR/ES/DE
  • Support for ORACLE, MSSQL and MySQL
  • Multi-timezone support
  • Responsive UI design

Technical prerequisites

  • Appliance or product
  • Supported platforms : Windows , Linux
  • BMC TrueSight 10/11, BPPM 9.x or BEM 7.4
  • Web server (apache, IIS) with PHP 5.4+ and 7+
  • Supported databases:
    Oracle 11G and above • Microsoft SQL server 2008 and above • MySQL server 5.6 and above • PostgreSQL 9.4 and above

Demo Access

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