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October 2016 : ProactivePack exhibitor at BMC Exchange in London

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September 2016 : ProactivePack is 3.1 Now GA !




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Are you facing the following challenges ?

  • You have not deployed TrueSight reporting but would still like to report on events.
  • You want to identify event noise, pollution, and “hot spots”
  • You have deployed TrueSight reporting but still want a capability to get on-the-spot event reports and dashboards in the format you want.
  • You want to securely delegate access to Truesight data tables without granting access to the TrueSight Administration console
  • You want to securely delegate the management of blackout windows
  • You need to accurately document TrueSight configurations  – one by one or side-by-side

ProactivePack – Added Value.

  • Measure your operational efficiency using easy-to-build event report
  • Stay in control & delegate the management of your  cell data
  • Stay in control & delegate the management of blackouts
  • Stay on top of the continuous changes in your TrueSight environment by documenting them automatically


ProactivePack ROI

Our customers testify on the following :

  • Reduction in event “noise” and in recurrent problems thanks to easier identification
  • Reduction in the costs (capital & operational) of setting up event reporting
  • Reduction in the costs of administration of the solution through task delegation
  • Improved control on migrations and upgrades
  • Reduction of costs associated to “in house” developments around BPPM/TrueSight.
  • Reduction of costs associated with documentation.


Features summary

ProactivePack integrates with your TrueSight (BPPM) environment and delivers :

  • Flexible, on-demand event reporting
  • A web-based interface to administer DDA table contents
  • A web-based interface to manage blackouts 
  • Automatic documentation of the configuration of your TrueSight environment

Enterprise Ready

  • Granular security model
  • Internationalized (localized EN/FR)
  • Multi-timezone support
  • AD/LDAP authentication
  • Data segregation